Mobile Biochar Service



$385 Per Day with Operator


$495 Per Day Activated Service (soaked overnight)


With years of interest and research into Biochar as well as practical experience of making and applying biochar, BB provides a cost effective  service that will fast track the production of Biochar on your property using your biomass waste through education, demonstration, skills, labour & kiln hire. BB can come to your place and coordinate the management of your traditional burn pile into charcoal rather than ash as well hire out the new Kontiki Byron Kiln complete with forklift tines. This will produce approximately 1000 litres of biochar and 300 Litres of smoked quench water. At the end of the day, it will be ready to be crushed, screened or chipped and applied back into your land, reducing the need and volumes of other inputs. This means better Financial, Environmental and Social outcomes. For further queries on Hiring the Kontiki Byron Kiln for the day contact Don directly on 0459175729, email: don@byronbochar.com.au or Book in via the Shop/Hire link on this site here: https://www.byronbiochar.com.au/index.php/product-category/hire/