New Product: Biochar & Frass

Introducing new biochar fertiliser


We have supercharged biochar by adding frass. Frass is an insect manure produced from the processing of organic biomass by black soldier fly larvae. Frass is a unique and all-natural fertiliser that is ideal for plant growth.

The Benefits of Biochar + Frass:

  • Frass is rich in essential and trace plant nutrients and contains up to two-hundred times more beneficial microbes than compost.
  • Frass is also high in natural chitin, which activates your plants’ defences against insect attack and soil-borne diseases.
  • Green Man Biochar increases water and nutrient holding capacity and provides a home for beneficial microbes in soil.
  • Biochar + Frass is an ideal fertiliser and soil conditioner product in one – containing 80% biochar and 20% frass.

Biochar is like a battery for your soils. By adding frass to our biochar we have supercharged that battery!