ANZ Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap 


The peak body for Biochar in Australia, ANZ Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG) has published the roadmap and is available for download on their website. The roadmap has identified that between 50-100 Million tonnes of commercially accessible, residual biomass is currently burnt or landfilled in Australia every year. This is a waste of valuable resources. The roadmap has identified the industry could be worth between $1-5 Billion by 2030. 

For an overview of the potential of the biochar Industry, you can watch this informative video.


ANZ Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap 

The Australian Biochar Industry Roadmap is a call to
action. It demonstrates and explains the huge potential
for growth of biochar production and use in Australia.
Making this potential real will deliver major economic,
environmental and social benefits. 
Better utilisation of currently wasted and residual biomass
resources for biochar production can provide valuable
inputs into agriculture and industry. In agriculture, biochar
can improve soil fertility and increase moisture retention.
Fed to cattle or sheep, biochar can improve digestion so
that more feed is converted into increased meat, milk and
other animal products, and less methane is released. In
industry, biochar can provide a renewable source of inputs
that would otherwise be drawn from coal, oil or gas and
contribute to carbon emissions. It can contribute this value
while capturing and storing for long periods the carbon
that has been absorbed from the atmosphere by plants. The
long-term storage of carbon as biochar is recognised as a
secure source of negative emissions.
The Australian Biochar Industry 2030 Roadmap comes at an
important time, when we need to lower emissions quickly,
and to develop new sources of economic growth. 

ANZBIG Partron 

Ross Garnaut