Introduction to Wood Vinegar

May 5, 2015 | Blog


Wood Vinegar has many applications and is a fantastic bio-stimulant. Depending on the use, wood vinegar is often significantly diluted before application.


As a fertilizer, Wood Vinegar is able to:

  • Improve absorption through the roots of your plants
  • Stimulate plant and vegetable growth
  • Promotes healthy and balanced growth
  • Enriches soil fertility
  •  Acts as a pest repellent
  • Improves the colour, firmness and flavour of fruit


Wood Vinegar is a light brown coloured organic liquid that is formed during the pyrolysis process. There are traces of more than 200 organic components with acetic acid as the main organic component as well as phenolic, aldehyde, keytones, alcohol and esters.  Green Man Char Wood Vinegar contains natural plant hormone like compounds that makes the plants stronger, leaves greener, stimulates microbial growth and acts as a pest repellent.