Activate, Inoculate, Apply & Plant into your Char

Aug 24, 2016 | Blog

To ACTIVATE your Char means to get H2O & Nutrients into it. This is best done on quenching the Char when it’s hot as it opens up the pores and infuses it. However, if you have bought dry Char then soak it in a Liquid Fertilizer until the particles sink to the bottom of your container. Drain off Liquid which can be used as a fertilizer itself.

To INOCULATE your Char means to get Biological Life into it and this is best done mixing the same amount 1:1 of Activated Char with Compost. Let sit for 2 weeks keeping moist.

To APPLY your Char take this mix and cultivate it into the top 20 cm of subsoil at a Minimum rate of 200g per sq/m and a Max Rate of 0.5.Kg/1 Litre per sq/m.

PLANT into the Char amended topsoil after 2 weeks.

If you have applied the Maximum Rate to the soil, this is a once in a lifetime application that should continue to get better and better as it houses microbes, bacteria, mychrorrizal fungi, water and nutrients!!

Note: Applying Dry Char can be water repellent & Microbes will be attracted to it rather than your plants therefore it can have a detrimental effect on plant health & yields if the above steps aren’t followed.


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