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Our Founder

Our Founder Don is committed to sharing the benefits of Biochar by supplying bio-products across Australia, engaging with industry stakeholders, and hosting educational workshops.

Don Coyne

I am a qualified Horticulturist with over 25 years experience in the industry. I am also a qualified Adult trainer, Frontline and Small Business Manager.

I have worked previously with NSW DPI Soils team as Technical Assistant on Biochar projects and have coordinated 3 successful industry based Biochar Conferences within the Byron Shire, I am event coordinator for the 5th ANZ Biochar Conference and the CEO of the ANZ Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG).

I can assist you to improve your Landscape Garden, Commercial Crops and Horticulture Products by incorporating Biochar & Wood Vinegar into your already existing systems. This is done by either a direct mobile biochar service on your property, supply of bio-products online and shipped Australia wide, or teach you to make it yourself via private consultancy or a workshop. Biochar and Wood Vinegar brings with it financial, environmental and social outcomes.

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