Australian made biochar, hort char & wood vinegar

We deliver bio-products and bio-services for industrial, commercial & domestic applications, as well as providing a mobile service and delivering educational workshops.

We supply Raw Biochar & Biochar fertiliser for Agriculture, Horticultural Char for potting mixes and Orchid Growing & Pyroligneous Acid also commonly known as Wood Vinegar or Smoke Water.


Biochar is a fantastic soil additive that enhances water holding capacity, and can increase the nutrient retention capability of your soil. This means it can reduce the need for watering your garden plants and reduce irrigation requirements for your crops.

Horticultural Char

Horticultural Char is a plant-derived, sustainable additive to all your growth media and potting mixes – improving both the structural and chemical properties of soil.

Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar has many applications and is a fantastic bio-stimulant. Wood Vinegar contains natural plant hormone like compounds that makes the plants stronger, leaves greener, stimulates microbial growth and acts as a pest repellent.


Byron Biochar delivers Biochar Workshops which is a mixture of theory, demonstration and practical. These training sessions are entertaining, engaging, empowering, inspiring, informative, social and fun.