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Powder Char – A boron powered product

Wood Vinegar

Ultrafine Biochar

Byron Biochar – Merchant of Australian made biochar, hort char & wood vinegar, provides a mobile service, workshops, is the ANZBC20 Event Coordinator & Public Officer of ANZBI

Byron Biochar (BB) delivers bio-products and bio-services for industrial, commercial & domestic applications. This includes direct bio-product supply, a mobile Biochar Service, DIY educational workshops, consultancy and is the founder and event coordinator of Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference (ANZBC20) & First Public Officer of Australia New Zealand Biochar Initiative Inc.(ANZBI)

Byron Biochar supplies Raw Biochar & Biochar fertiliser for Agriculture, Horticultural Char for potting mixes and Orchid Growing & Pyroligneous Acid also commonly known as Wood Vinegar or Smoke Water. This is produced by Clean Australian Advanced Waste Reduction Technology which thermally recovers sustainable sources of Biomass into valuable Bio-Products for growers.

Pyrolysis is a unique form of Bioenergy which not only creates a clean renewable gas to generate heat and electricity but also bio-products that build soil carbon permanently and recover unwanted biomass that would otherwise be burnt or end up in landfill to rot. Our Bio-Products can deliver financial rewards to growers by increasing yields and reducing inputs, and will deliver environmental outcomes for businesses wanting to offset their carbon & nitrogen footprint as well as the social outcomes of increased food security and ethical employment.

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