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Byron Biochar is the Distributor of  PyroAg Wood Vinegar in Northern NSW and South East Queensland. From Coffs Harbour/ Armidale to the Sunshine Coast/Gympie. BB supplies farmers, Horticulture Producers and property owners with quality, Australian Made Wood Vinegar. A by-product in the production of Biochar, Wood Vinegar contains approximately 200 natural compounds. It can be used as a protectant, penetrant and enhancer of other products. Applications for PyroAg are;

(i)  Improve Seed Germination

(ii) Feed and Grow Healthy Soil Microbes

(iii) Promote Healthy Growth & Increase Yields

(iv) Increase Natural Resistance to Pests and Disease

(v) Enhance Fertiliser Uptake and Composting Activity

(vi) Acidifying pH Adjuster



Safety Data Sheet: pyroag_pa_sds_1.1


To Order any of the Products listed, please email with your Shipping and Billing Address. An Invoice will be generated and sent to you. Once payment is recieved, your Products will be shipped out.

PyroAg 1 Litre

1 Litre $15 + Plus postage and handling. To Order email:

PyroAg 5 Litre

5 Litre $35 + postage & handling. To order email:

PyroAG 20 Litre

20 Litre = $85 + Freight. To order email;

200 Litre = $600 Plus Freight. ( Picture to come) To Order Email;

PyroAg 100 Litre

1000 Litre = $2300. Ex Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Lismore, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba & Sunshine Coast. Order Now;

Authorised Resellers include;



Biochar Kilns & Stoves

Deep Cone Kontiki Kiln 1.65

The Kontiki is modelled on the Japanese Cone Kiln used for many Centuries to create Bamboo Charcoal. It consists of legs with swing cradle, 3 mm mild steel inner cone and a stainless steel outer rim for insulation and protection. Depending on the feedstock used, it will take anywhere from 6-10 Hours to fill & activate approximately 1 Cubic Metre of Charcoal & 300 Litres of Smoked Quench Water. Add PyroAg Wood Vinegar, other liquid fertilizers and soak overnight for improved results. See how to use the Kontiki here courtesy of The Biochar Revolution

Kontiki PT 1.65

$3,300 Ex Armidale, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Lismore, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba & Sunshine Coast. To order email:

Stumpy TLUD Biochar Stove

The Biochar Stumpy Stove  is more than just a Top lit up draft gassifier biomass cooking stove. The  Biochar Stumpy Stove  is also a rocket stove and the modular engine of your greater imagination.

You can use the  Biochar Stumpy Stove to generate biochar from any dry biomass without much smoke. The “Stumpy” was designed by Charmaster Dolph Cooke from


$225 Plus Freight. To Order email;


Byron Biochar Retail Price List

For further inquiries including Wholesale contact;



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